Rangeland Quality Meats builds new cattle yards with cattle welfare the top priority.img_4752

Here at Rangelands we have invested a lot of time and energy ensuring the safety and welfare of our cattle from the moment their feet hit the ground on our properties to the minute they leave.

Here we have focused on making sure that when the cattle come into the yards (for any animal husbandry procedures, health checks, to be weighed or before leaving the property), that their stress levels are minimized using industry-leading design (note the curved panels to the bottom left of the image, where cattle can see where their friends are and where they are going at all times).

We have used materials that are safe for both livestock and the people working with them, along with using the best yard builder in Central and Southern Queensland – Jason Green of Greens Welding. Jason has over 20 years of rural background knowledge and experience; he understands cattle movements and produces high quality, bruise and stress-free environments for both cattle and people.